Cloutier vs. Salo Only #4?; Hank’s New Ride

While Rangers fans will always vote Dan Cloutier vs. Tommy Salo as the greatest goaltender fight of all time, The Hockey News only has it at #4…

4. Dan Cloutier (Rangers) vs. Tommy Salo (Islanders)

Cloutier’s fight with Tommy Salo came April 4, 1998. P.J. Stock tangled with Mariusz Czerkawski, ripped his helmet and jersey off and in came Salo. When Salo joined, Cloutier couldn’t resist barrelling into the brawl to defend Stock. Cloutier got Salo’s jersey over his head and forced him to his knees, punching Salo’s head before he ragdolled and Cloutier backed off. Hungry for more action, Cloutier taunted the Isles bench afterward.

…there have been a lot of historic, exciting and memorable moments during the history of the New York Rangers. But this fight will always go down as one of my favorites.

Here’s the video (1:13 mark)…


…love seeing Chara in an Islanders jersey. How’s Yashin working out Islanders fans? Ooops.


Speaking of Rangers goaltenders, looks like Lundqvist got himself a new ride…

…let’s hope Hank got himself a nanny also. Don’t need this guy falling asleep in the crease because he was up all night with a colicky daughter.

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