Clark Reason Rangers Changed Philosophy

Dave Lozo at explains that during the 2004-05 work stoppage Gordie Clark, who had been promoted to head amateur scout of the Rangers, sat down with Glen Sather and vice president of personnel Don Maloney to chart a plan for the team’s future…

“I sat down and talked to Don and talked to Glen, and that was the time they changed their philosophy, and that’s the way they wanted to go. A lot of people thought in New York you had to just get all the big-money players, but in the end, they wanted a really hard-working team, and that’s what we decided to work toward. It was going to be younger.”

…In Gordie We Trust.

…i know Rangers fans are looking for Messier to take over for Sather if/when he steps down, but I’d much rather see Clark get the post as his fingerprints are all over the Rangers transformation.

Here’s Clark on the Rangers draft strategy…

“There’s ability in there, but the one common denominator is the character. The culture of the players is the biggest change in the type of player we’ve decided to bring into the Rangers. It’s a special place to play, and it had been special for the wrong reasons, with more guys in the later parts of their careers. Well, we’re going to get them in the beginning part of their careers. It’s special for the right reason now.”

…this type of philosphy is very “Money Ball” like. It’s not necessarily about finding the best player, it’s about finding the best player who fits in the Rangers system. Which is why you’ll most likely see the Rangers go after Parise instead of Nash this offseason.

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