Carkner Talks Trash About Boyle

Today Matt Carkner decided to run his mouth about Brian Boyle saying this to Erin Nicks of

“I expected Boyle to defend himself. That obviously wasn’t the case.

“Boyle’s a big guy and I expected him to fight. He could’ve just held on to me. He didn’t & now I’m here talking to you & League.”

…is this guy kidding me?!?!?!?! He jumps an unsuspecting Boyle then sucker punches him and now Carkner wants to know why he didn’t fight back. What an idiot.

…and Carkner’s a real tough guy. Didn’t see him or his neanderthal buddy Neil go any where near Rupp, Bickel or Prust. Assuming the Rangers tough guys, if Torts decides to play them, will be seeking them out tomorrow night.

Here’s the play again…

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