Capitals Targeting Glove Side High on Lundqvist

While last night was far from being Henrik Lundqvist’s fault, an interesting trend is appearing as the Capitals seem to be targeting glove side high with their shots on the Rangers All Star goaltender.

This was actually noted earlier in the week by Chuck Gormely of CSN Washington as he printed this quote from Capitals associate goalie coach Olie Kolzig…

“You look at him and you think, ‘Geez, he plays pretty deep, you should be able to pick his pocket. But his angles are so good and he plays so wide. You’ve got to beat him with a good shot, a good high shot.”

Here’s video of Alex Ovechkin’s goal on Lundqvist last night as an example…

To watch on YouTube, click here.

Ovechkin also scored glove side high in Game 4 (see here) as did John Carlson in Game 5 (see here).

…high glove side was always the book on Lundqvist early in his career, but I give him a ton of credit for changing his stance to put his glove in a better position to make that save. And while his his glove hand is now a strength, it looks like he’s had a bit of a relapse in this series.

Apparently, Lundqvist is a big believer in film work to improve his game (via HNIC)…

“Lundqvist gave brief insight into his film work with coach Benoit Allaire. They’ll break down all of the opposing team’s scoring chances, among other things. How many clips is that, he was asked? “About 20.” That’s a lot by today’s standards, as most coaches don’t believe players have the attention span for more than four or five. “Goalies are smarter,” Lundqvist said.”

…hopefully he’ll watch a lot of tape the next two days so he’ll be ready to snatch any puck that comes near his glove hand in Game 7.

Meanwhile, Bruce Garrioch at the Ottawa Sun says Lundqvist’s reputation will be on the line in Game 7.

…i don’t disagree with Garrioch here. While it would be far from Lundqvist’s fault if the Rangers don’t advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1997, the fact still remains that he has yet to put this franchise on his back and get them to the promiseland.

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