Callahan Becoming Vocal Leader

Whenever you hear a Ranger player describe their captain Ryan Callahan, they always mention how he leads by example. But yesterday, John Tortorella explained that Callahan is quickly becoming a vocal leader as well. Evidenced by his actions between overtime periods Wednesday night(via Bergen Record)…

“One thing I did notice between periods was the one voice I did hear going in between periods was his (Callahan). That’s part of his maturity. I’m not sure three years ago he would have felt comfortable speaking up like that.”

Tortorella did add that Callahan didn’t address his teammates on the bench during the overtime, but as always, his on-ice play spoke for itself.

…really gets me excited to hear Callahan has expanded his leadership ability by using his voice. Leading by example can only get you so far. Sooner or later you’ve got to grab control of that locker room and it looks like Callahan has been able to do that.

…just Callahan’s first year as a captain and he’s acting like he’s done it for years. Easily a top five captain in the league already and in two years I can guarantee you they’ll be no better leader in the NHL than Ryan Callahan.

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