Brandon Prust, Boomer Esiason Engage in Twitter Spat

If you were trolling around Twitter last night, you may have seen former Rangers forward Brandon Prust and former Bengals & Jets QB Boomer Esiason—a die hard Rangers fan himself—mouthing off at one another on Twitter, which has become the seen for many kindergarten-like playground fights over the years.

It all started when Prust mentioned he finished playing 36 holes at Beth Page Black and Esiason responded to it. The thread can be seen here.

Prust fired one last shot by saying this:

Esiason responded two more times to that tweet which can be seen here.

… Twitter can be a great source of inside information & news (from the right sources of course) in an age where we demand it instantaneously. It's also a place were sarcasm is severely misplaced and incidents like this happen.

… Esiason is one of the biggest NYR fans there is, and I can guarantee he meant no malice with his comments to Prust, who I thought had a better sense of humor than that.

… See what the Lockout is doing to everyone?!?

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