Brady Skjei Comments On USA Junior Camp

Every summer the USA holds an evaluation camp to get a glimpse at the progress of the country’s top prospects, and Rangers’ 2012 first round pick Brady Skjei took part in the camp. He spoke to NYR beat writer Jim Cerny about the experience. From the article:

“‘I think it went really well,’ offered Skjei. ‘The coaches knew my game going in because of my previous time in the (United States) program, so that provided me a certain comfort level. I just tried to be a solid two-way player for the team, probably more of a shut-down guy. I wanted to showcase my skating, which is probably the best part of my game and is a big part of international play, along with my shut-down abilities. I am happy with how it all went.'” 

Skjei is one of the premiere under-20 defensemen the USA has to offer and it would take an injury or something drastic for him to not make the World Junior squad for the 2012-2013 tournament. Still, having a good summer camp is nothing but a positive for Skjei. 

He also spoke about meeting with fellow NYR prospects JT Miller and Steven Fogarty, who also took part in the camp.

“I knew JT pretty well already from the (U.S.) program, so it was good to see him again,” explained Skjei. “But I didn’t know Steven Fogarty at all which is weird because he’s also a Minnesota guy! But I met him this past week and he’s a really good guy, and we hung out a lot during the week. They are both really good guys and really talented players.”
You might recall that in my interview with Steve Fogarty he mentioned not really knowing any of the other NYR prospects; even fellow Minnesota native Brady Skjei. So it’s nice that Steve finally got to hang out with some of the boys. It’s also great to see Brady confirm what Steve told us about his much improved two-way game.

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