Boyle Has Concussion (No Discipline for Neil)

Update, 11:17 a.m.:
Damien Cox at The Star is less than happy with the NHL’s lack of action on the Neil hit…

“It seems unthinkable, given all the circumstances, that Shanahan would now, after laying down the law so heavily on Torres, permit Neil to walk away unpunished for his head shot on Boyle, a hit that certainly appeared to break Rule 48. Consistency is what hockey fans seem to want, and there can be no consistency when one player – a multiple offender – is getting 25 games for a head shot while another gets nothing for a head shot of his own. Yes, Neil would at least in theory be a first time offender; then again, so was Hagelin.”

…normally not a Cox fan, but Bravo my man.

Update, 10:44 a.m.:

…apparently the NHL not only favors star players when it comes to suspensions (see Shea Weber), it now includes players from Canadian teams. NHL once again bowing to pressure from Canadian media who ran to Neil’s aid after the game. Sad.

Original Post:
During his post game press conference last night John Tortorella said that Brian Boyle was “concussed” and “He’s out” from the head shot he took from Chris Neil.

Torts added this about the hit…

“Well they have the blueprint. It’s the exact same hit as Torres’ — a different part of the ice — but he launches himself, head shot, (the) puck’s at the goal line, and he’s hit. So, the blueprint’s there. I’m sure he’s a repeat offender, too. Not much research to be done there.”

Neil defended himself after the game and said his hit was “clean” (via ESPN NY)…

“He cuts to the middle with his head down. I’m putting back pressure and trying to bust back and get in good position. I’m a physical player out there. I think it’s a clean hit,” he told reporters. “He was slow getting up, but I think I probably just knocked the wind out of him. He’s a big man, so I think it takes a lot out of me delivering those hits.”

And of course the Canadian media immediately came to Neil’s defense…

…i don’t care if it was late or not or he launched himself or not, he targeted the head and should be suspended at least the same three games as Hagelin.

…having said that, I put some of the blame on Torts, as his inexplicable stapling of Rupp and Bickle to the bench has allowed Neil to dominate games physically without worry of defending his actions.

Hockey Night Live discusses the hit…

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Here’s the hit…

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