Boogaard Lawsuit Could Target Rangers, Wild As Enablers

Jeff Klein at the New York Times reports that the lawsuit the family of Derek Boogaard filed against the NHLPA for squandering a chance at a possible financial claim by not filing a grievance against the Rangers for stopping Boogaard's salary payments to the family, alleges that the Blueshirts and Wild contributed to Boogaard’s death by repeatedly prescribing painkillers and other drugs, even after his addiction to those very kinds of drugs was known.

From the lawsuit… “At numerous times during his professional hockey career, to cope with injuries and pain and simply to be able to play or sleep after games, Derek Boogaard was prescribed or given a multitude of narcotics and sleeping pills by both the team doctors, physicians, trainers and dentists of the New York Rangers and Minnesota Wild."

Klein adds that it's conceivable, too, that the Boogaard's lawyer may seek to file additional, broader lawsuits.

Michael Grange at Sportsnet has more.

…an ugly situation is getting a whole lot uglier.

…innocent until proven guilty in this country, but if everything we've read is true about the Rangers prescribing prescription drugs to a known addict, heads are going to roll. Can't imagine the Rangers organization is going to come out looking real good at the end of this.

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