Blueshirts United Sits Down With Asst. GM Jeff Gorton

Jim Cerny at Blueshirts United recently spoke to Rangers Assistant General Manager Jeff Gorton regarding the young Rangers ready to make the jump to the AHL. The clip is a bit lengthy, but here are some highlights…

Re: Kreider, McIlrath and Miller coming up in the organization together.
“I think it is exciting that our guys are starting to move along in that process, to come out of junior and college and into the pro level… to do it together will be big.”

Re: McIlrath’s knee rehab thus far.
“He had a procedure done a few months back… everything’s gone well, he’s been real diligent in his rehab.”

Re: McIlrath working with former Ranger defenseman Jeff Beukeboom.
“It’s not gonna hurt Dylan to have somebody like “The Beuke” teach him the ropes.

Re: Expectations out of Kreider while in Hartford.
I think Chris is gonna go down there, he’s gonna work hard, he’s gonna be just another guy… the things he needs to work on to become a more complete NHL player, he’s gonna work on down there.”

Re: JT Miller’s home for this season.
We’re gonna bring him into Connecticut… let him play in some exihibition games and if he’s ready to play at that level, we’ll keep him, if not we’ll return him to Plymouth.”


If this doesn’t excite you about the Rangers and the future in general, probably nothing will. To have the Rangers top prospects all come up at the same time and grow together, can mean nothing but great things for the team down the road. Now to just get this lockout situation figured out…

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