Be Prepared to Have a Season

I figured I'd go with a little positivity this morning and pass along this little nugget from longtime Rangers scribe Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report

"First—based on my experience with previous strikes/lockouts in sports—I expect there will be a “setback” in negotiations again, and there will be a day when it looks darkest, as if the season is absolutely doomed. All that is is both sides trying to greed a little extra out of the deal both sides know is more or less inevitable.

So be prepared to have it appear that there will be no hockey in 2012-13 … only to miraculously have the sides come together and save some semblance of a season—72 or 68 or 64 games or whatever. It’s going to happen. Trust me."

…Rick has been around the block, so I really do respect his opinion and this actually does give me some hope that there will be a season, even if abbreviated.

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