Avery Transitions to New Lifestyle

Stuart Elliot at the New York Times take a look at Sean Avery's new life in the fashion industry working with David Lipman, the longtime advertising executive, whose business interests include the Lipman agency in New York.

Avery is described as the chief strategy officer at Lipman and more recently has become an editor at large handling a range of assignments for the agency and its parent, Revolate Holdings.

Here's Avery on transitioning to a new lifestyle…

"The hardest thing is the long days. For 15 years I had the same day. I would wake up, eat, practice, work out, eat and sleep, then I would go and play. So now, an eight- or nine-hour day in the office, I can’t do it."

Susan Duffy, chief marketing officer at Stuart Weitzman, a shoe marketer, describes Avery's strengths in his new career…

"As a professional athlete, you have love of the game and passion, and Sean is certainly bringing that to Lipman. His love of business, his love of the luxury market, his love of fashion. He wasn’t classically trained, with an M.B.A. or college. He has an M.B.A. degree in social networking. He’s a connector.”

Avery is currently involved in the campaign for the Stuart Weitzman line for spring and summer 2013.

…great to see Avery's enjoying this new chapter in his life.

…i don't know how different things would have been in the playoffs last year, but I still contend the Rangers would have been better off with Avery in the line-up. You see what you've done Bettman?!?!?! Instead of blogging about my beloved Rangers, I'm defending Sean Avery in a fake postseason scenario. Damn you lockout!!!!!!!!

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