Are Owners Fed Up with Bettman, Lockout?

As the NHL and NHLPA continue their standoff, which now has reached a potential two-week break because of a stalemate in negotiations, Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News has some interesting information regarding Flyers owner Ed Snider and his current position on the NHL Lockout.

Multiple sources confirmed to the Daily News on Friday that Snider, once seen as a supporter of the Bettman's push to rein in the players' share of revenue, has soured on the process after it became apparent that a deal would not be brokered in time for a Dec. 1 puck drop.

A source familiar with Snider's thinking characterized it as: "If this is the deal we are going to get, what's the point of dragging this out?"

Seravalli mentions the Penguins and New York Rangers are considered "anti-lockout."

… I'm sure you've noticed I've tried to keep any and all Lockout talk to a minimum because it's the same mindless, pointless drivel over and over. But I read this and felt it was different and newsworthy.

… Snider was initially one of the owners eager to make up for past mistakes and recoup some of the money lost on bad contracts (see Bryzgalov). For him to have a change of heart, while not lockout-ending, is a pretty significant move. Others may follow suit.

… To me, this all but confirms December 1 was Bettman's date all along to get the 2012-13 season started.

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