A Look at NHL 12 and All its Glory

It’s not the type of glory you’re thinking of.

Our good buddy Puck Daddy over at Yahoo! Sports examines all the wonderful glitches of NHL 12 caught on video in a hilarious article. For me, not only can I relate but have actually had some of these happen to me while playing. They’re great untill they cost you a goal, or worse, a game.

Here’s an example of one glitch.


  • Pretty sure that’s Tomas Vokoun. Hope Pittsburgh falls victim to a few of those glitches in key spots next season and Crosby crys about it. 

Meanwhile, on the darker side of the NHL, Dan Rosen of NHL.com gives us a ray of hope. Winnipeg Jets NHLPA rep Ron Hainsey spoke to the media after sub-committee meetings yesterday and expressed optimism in getting a CBA done on time.

“I think it’s absolutely possible to get something done where no time is missed,” Hainsey said.  

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly expressed the same sentiment, but urges it won’t be an easy task.

“I truly do believe a deal can be done, but it will require a lot of work. We’ve got a lot of issues still open. We haven’t even heard from them [the Union] on the economic issues yet. And, we have a month.

“It’ll require hard work and commitment on both sides, but certainly the NHL is committed and we hope the players are committed as well.”

  • Hainsey is confident a deal will get done on time, yet his NHLPA counterpart Kevin Westgarth scared the bejesus out of everyone last week saying he felt a lockout was foreseeable. Guys better get on the same page. 

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