A Bad Day for Hockey

"I am to say the least totally disappointed." – Bettman

"it's a step backward." – Bettman

"nowhere close" – Bettman

"Today is not a good day" – Fehr

This was exactly what hockey fans did not want to hear after yesterday's CBA negotiations in which the NHL rejected three seperate proposals that the NHLPA submitted in response to the owner's offer earlier in the week.

While the NHLPA is stating that their proposals would, over the next few years, progressively get to the 50/50 split of hockey related revenue that the NHL is looking for, James Mirtle at the Toronto Globe & Mail says the owners want the split to begin immediately which would mean players not receiving full value of their current contracts…

"According to the league, players earned roughly $1.883-billion as their share last season. In order to maintain that level of salary, they would need to receive 54.3 per cent of revenues (after accounting for 5 per cent revenue growth leaguewide)."

The league maintains the players will get that lost money back over time in "make whole" payments. However, those payments will be coming from an escrow account that will largely be funded by the players portion of the hockey related revenue. So essentially, the players will be paying themselves back with their own money. Meaning their HRR split would actually decrease to below 50%.

So what should fans do. I'd say getting a few boxes of these is probably best (via ESPN's Darren Rovell)…

…i told you guys not to get too excited the other day. Basically, the entire NHL offer and hope for a full 82-game season was nothing more than theater to curry favor with the fans. Guess the focus group said that strategy would work. I don't think the owners had any intention of having serious negotiations with any offer the players submitted.

…so here we are, again. No season in sight. More games likely cancelled very soon. And fans left out in the cold. Wonderful.

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