20th Most Ice Time in the Last 25 Years for McDonagh

Rory Barrs at the National Post reports that Ryan McDonagh’s 53:17 of ice time in Game 3’s triple overtime thriller was the 20th most in the last 25 years…

Sergei Zubov, Dal       April 24, 2003   63:51
Derian Hatcher, Dal     April 24, 2003   62:02
Dan McGillis, Phi          May 4, 2000     61:05
Luke Richardson, Phi    May 4, 2000     59:51
Jaromir Jagr, Pit          May 4, 2000     59:08
Sergei Zubov, Dal       April 27, 1999   57:00
Brian Campbell, SJ      May 4, 2008     56:23
Shawn Chambers, Dal April 27, 1999   56:21
Keith Carney, Ana       April 24, 2003   56:20
Eric Desjardins, Phi      May 4, 2000     56:08
Alex Kovalev, Pit         May 4, 2000     55:47
Mike Modano, Dal        April 24, 2003   55:29
Sergei Zubov, Dal       April 11, 2007   55:08
Kevin Bieksa, Van       April 11, 2007   54:27
Sergei Zubov, Dal       June 19, 1999   54:09
Mark Recchi, Phi          May 4, 2000     53:57
Ruslan Salei, Ana        April 24, 2003   53:55
Sergei Zubov, Dal       May 4, 2008      53:50
Ray Bourque, Bos        April 30, 1999   53:26
Ryan McDonagh, NYR   May 2, 2012      53:17

What makes McDonagh’s ice time all the more impressive is, according to Jeff Klein at the New York Times, he was on the ice for 46.5% of Game 3’s 114:41 minutes which is the sixth highest percentage in the last 25 years.

…wow, I’m exhausted just thinking about that. You have wonder if that type of effort could affect him in today’s game or possibly the rest of the series. Because of the seven game series against Ottawa and now this triple OT game it is imperative that the Rangers end this series as soon as possible to get some rest before hopefully the Eastern Conference Finals. Especially because it’s looking like the Flyers/Devils series could go the distance.

…btw, you see Zubov on this list five times? Glad Rangers got rid of him.

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