Time Warner Customers May Lose Rangers

televisionThe Rangers have announced that Time Warner Cable is threatening to pull MSG Networks from its systems, meaning Rangers fans will not be able to watch their Blueshirts…

“We have been attempting to negotiate a new agreement with Time Warner Cable for close to two years, and are simply asking them to pay fair and reasonable rates that are consistent with what other providers pay for our programming – nothing more,” said Michael Bair, president, MSG Media. “Unfortunately, Time Warner Cable is not interested in reaching a fair agreement, and, in fact, is not interested in conducting productive negotiations on behalf of its customers. Because of that, we suggest that our customers switch providers before Time Warner Cable pulls MSG’s networks off its systems.”

The agreement between MSG Networks and Time Warner Cable concludes at midnight on December 31, 2011. Should the companies fail to reach an agreement prior to expiration, it is expected that Time Warner Cable will drop MSG’s Networks from its lineup.

…Verizon customers finally get their Rangers in HD and now this. Unreal.

…i haven’t followed this isse at all but you have to assume it’s the Dolans’ fault.

…Time Warner customers better hope things work out better than when there was an issue with the YES Network back in 2002 and Yankees fans were robbed of watching their Bronx Bombers.

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