Richards Bomb Best Part of HBO 24/7 Episode III

As you all know, I was down on the Brad Richards signing and despite the impressive start to his Rangers career I’ve been hesitant to jump on the Richards bandwagon. That was until last night’s third episode of HBO’s 24/7 when he responded to the recently called up Flyers winger Tom Sestito’s chirping from the Flyers bench during the first period of last Friday’s 4-2 win with this bomb…

“One day in the NHL for you…fantasy camp for you.”

I’m ready to start the “Brad Richards Fan Club” after that one. Mark it down folks, the Richards signing is officially worth it.

As far as the rest of the episode went, I thought it was the best of the three as we were treated to a ton of on-ice and in locker room conversations that as a fan we’re not privy to, including this zinger from Mike Rupp at former Ranger and current Flyer Jody Shelley in the same game, which btw HBO captured the intensity of brilliantly…

“Youre f-cking irrevelent out here, you’re f-cking irrelevent out here…if you had any outcome on the game I’d f-cking go you.”

Another great line, and there were plenty, was from Brandon Dubinsky who showed a little humility by saying this after getting the Broadway Hat for his goal against the Islanders…

“Good every 15 games, good every 15.”

A hysterical line away from the rink was Marian Gaborik’s uncensored thoughts on New York drivers…

“These f-ucking drivers are ridiculous here.”

I think I say that every day driving on Sunrise Highway. Gabby’s Christmas tree purchase was pretty damn funny also.

I had been disappointed with the lack of face time for the wives and girlfriends in the series, that was until Stephanie skated, sort of, into our lives…

Nice work Stepan.

Then of course there was the ugly Christmas sweater party…

To me, best part about the party is that they all got bombed and still kicked the crap out of the Devils the next night (Note: According to reader Random Ranger, while the show insinuated party was night before Devils game it was actually a few days earlier). Watch full video of party at Puck Daddy.

For my thoughts on the Flyers side of things, click the “Read More” tab below.

On the Flyers side, Peter Laviolette continues to be the star for me, sorry Mr. Universe, especially after the episode opening locker room speech (quote via…

“Somebody tell me what the f— is the difference now? “What’s the problem now? I want to see people rip their heart out of their f—— chest in this period. And if you don’t? You’re probably not going to like your ice time. Take your shift, you’ll get it, and earn your second one. I’m not putting up with it. There’s too much horse s—. Too much. Don’t allow it. D-zone coverage, soft down low. Out to the point, casual stride. We don’t want to block a shot. Because it hurts. One game, Boston, alright let’s move on. Tonight? Unacceptable. Not going to happen. We’re way better than what we just showed. Every guy in here knows it. And you should not accept it. Don’t. You got 20 minutes. You win a period, you win a game, we move on. But you need to dig in right now. Every guy. Enough is enough. Start playing with some jam. Let’s go.”

Dude, did Laviolette just steal Torts’ “jam” line?

We were also treated to a little Jaromir Jagr humor with this line to Claude Giroux in the locker room before game vs. Rangers…

“It’s tough to score four points here…I did it.”

Effin Jagr.

Seriously, where the heck is Sather?

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