Rangers Playing Close to Their Identity

Andrew Gross at Rangers Rants has numerous quote from John Tortorella on what’s going right with the Rangers…

“I think the past two or three games has been as close to our identity as we’ve gotten this year.

“It’s a big part of our identity is our physical play,” Tortorella said. “Our faceoffs, Brad Richards from Day 1 has been really good. Last night, we didn’t lose too many. Those things help, the small details of the game. Now we’ve won three straight, you’ve got to continue to work at the details. I don’t think our game is dead on, we’ve found ways to win but you’ve got to continue to work on your game.”

…if they’re only close, I can’t wait to see this team when they’re at 100% of their identity.

…and as usual, Callahan is the focal point of the Rangers physical play. Real proud to have him as the captain of the Rangers.

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