Avery Laugh Best Part of 24/7 Episode 1

Absolutely loved Sean Avery cracking up at Artem Anisimov in the locker room after “rifle” celebration against Tampa. To me that was the best part of the episode. It let you know exactly how the team felt about it, which is great. You can see Marian Gaborik crack a smile afterward as well.

Avery laugh is at the 1:08 mark…

Close second for favorite scene was with Callahan’s grandmother. Tear jerker for sure.

For my best of John Tortorella click the “Read More” tab below.

As far as best John Tortorella quote, I loved this (via ESPN.com)…

“With Kessel, if you have a chance, finish him,” said Tortorella. “He’s a good player, but don’t shit your pants on him. Don’t play off of him. We have to still try to take time and space from him.”

Most interesting Torts moment was when he asked Mike Sullivan if he should pull Hank in Toronto game.

Also loved Jeff Woywitka getting stuck with paying the $2,500 bill with Lundqvist. Not sure the guy’s salary is $2,500.

…would love to hear everyone’s favorite part in the comments section.

…big tahnks to reader Anthony G. for screen grab of Avery.

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