Injury Updates on Sauer & Del Zotto

sauerphaneufPat Leonard at the Daily News tweeted last night that although there was no update on Michael Sauer, he did see him walking around in the weight room with his pads still on, jersey off after taking a vicious hit from the Maple Leafs Dion Phaneuf.

Larry Brooks at the New York Post says it is likely that Sauer sustained a concussion.

…i think if I’m ever hit like that I would be in a coma for a month. As I said last night, clean hit.

…didn’t realize Brooks has a Ph.D. I think I’ll wait on word from the Rangers before I get concerned about a possible concussion for Sauer.

Here’s the hit…

To watch on YouTube click here.

After the game, Michael Del Zotto, who crashed heavily into the boards in the third period, said this about his condition (via Blueshirts United)…

“It was a scary play, and as a defenseman you don’t like that (touch-up icing) rule, but you have to live with it,” explained Del Zotto, who remained down on the ice for a lengthy stretch, after the game. “Luckily I am OK. Pretty much I hit everything. I just tried to duck my head at the last second to protect my neck, and I thought that was the biggest thing.”

…good to hear Del Zotto is ok, wonder if the injury had an effect on his final shot that almost missed the boards it was so off target.

…very lucky he didn’t separate his shoulder.

To watch on YouTube click here.

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