#AveryArmy vs. @SportsnetSpec

For those of you who aren’t on Twitter or maybe missed it, I wanted to recount an incident that happened on the social media site Wednesday night during the Rangers 2-1 loss to the Panthers.

As we all know, during the second period of the game, Andre Deveaux took a stupid and very dangerous elbow penalty on Tomas Fleischmann. Deveaux was assessed a five-minute major and game misconduct. Because he wasn’t able to serve the penalty Sean Avery was sent to the box.

Apparently Mark Spector, senior columnist for Sportsnet.ca and host of The Mark Spector Show on Team 1260, was only half watching the game and decided to tweet this (can’t post actual tweet as he cowardly deleted it)…

@SportsnetSpec Sean Avery with a very irresponsible (surprise!) elbow on Fleischman.

While Spector quickly apologized for the mistake, the damage was done and #AveryArmy sprung into action. Here is just one of the many responses he received…

@SportsnetSpec haha typical avery hater huh?get your head out of your ass and actually WATCH what your tweeting about
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Apparently Spector has some thin skin as he reacted with this tweet…

Wow, the #averyarmy is truly foul-mouthed and annoying. People you wouldn’t want in your dressing room. Full of excuses. Hmmm….
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Which drew some more venon from #AveryArmy…

TheNYRBlogKevin DeLury
in reply to @TheNYRBlog

After the game ended with Avery getting just seven minutes of ice time, Spector decided to end the night with one last jab at the #AveryArmy…

Hey, #AveryArmy. How’d that game end up tonight? How’d your boy play? Any points? Shots? Hits? Blocked shots…?
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Which obviously led to more venom…

@SportsnetSpec Let us know when you get the creds to work in a real city -NYC – mean time, keep your small town sh*t to yourself #AveryArmy
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For the full exchange click here.

First off what a d*ck. Spector is a respected columnist at a major media conglomerate, so while I’m assuming he was just having some fun with the #AveryArmy, I felt it was very unprofessional for him to lash out like that.

The only reason I can think Spector reacted this way is that the #AveryArmy can get under the skin of people the same way Avery does.

Bottom line, don’t mess with the #AveryArmy

I definitely recommend everyone tweet Spector to let him know how you feel about his comments.

What are your thoughts on this exchange?

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