Tough Guy Boogaard

boogaard2Derek Boogaard lands at #3 in Fox Sports “Tough Guy Tracker” after his beatdown of the Islanders Trevor Gillies last week…

3. Derek Boogaard
On Dec. 2, the Boogeyman made his presence known at the Nassau Coliseum 3:24 into the first period when the Rangers enforcer took on and beat the snot out of Islanders’ tough guy Trevor Gillies. After a faceoff just outside the Isles’ blue line, Boogaard just about took Gillies’ face off by landing a series of serious haymakers and upper cuts on the rugged left winger.

…while I’d like to see Torts find a bigger role for Boogaard (only playing him 3 minutes a game is a waste of a roster spot), I like what the tough guy  has brought to the table the last month or so.

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