The Avery You Never Hear About

averypunchIn response to the story I posted about Sean Avery from reader Coleen on Saturday, I received this from another TheNYRBlog reader Corrine regarding the Avery most people don’t know about…

“Back in the summer when Avery had his twitter account, he followed my friend for the stupid funny nonsense she posted. I have Cystic Fibrosis, a lung disease which causes me to produce more mucus than others. I had to be put into the hospital for five days because of it. My friend tweeted Sean to tell him that I was in the hospital and one of his biggest fans. Sean asked what had happened and which hospital I was staying at as well as the hospital number and my name. The next day he came to visit me! It was the sweetest thing ever. He was so nice to me.”

…a few weeks ago I posted a story about Adam Graves that was very similar. What’s so impressive is that these guys do it with absolutely no fanfare. And you would think that a guy like Avery would take advantage of it to change some of the misconceptions about him.

…i bet you want to vote Avery on to the All Star team now.

…thank you to Corrine for sharing this great story.

To vote Avery into the All Star starting lineup go to or text “Sean Avery” to 81812.

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