Sather Takes Some of the Blame

satherRoy MacGregor at the Globe and Mail talks with Glen Sather about what has gone wrong during his tenure as Rangers GM…

Sather on the high priced aging free agent signings that haven’t worked out…

“The buck stops here,” he says. “You can’t lay the blame on anyone else.”

…would like to hear Sather apologize for often might actually win some people back.

Sather also blames Dave Checketts and the fans for wanting stars not rebuilding when he came in…

“When I came here,” says Sather, “the thinking was, we need stars.”

…did I say he might win fans back? Forget it when he’s also blaming us for his terrible signings. He’s been here for ten years and he still doesn’t understand that Rangers fans could deal with a rebuilding.

A close friend on why Sather has yet to be fired…

“Glen operates out of a comfort zone,” one long-time friend says. “He gets on great with the ownership and the organization makes so much money with its teams and cable deals that there’s really no pressure on him to produce right away. It’s not that they don’t have to win, but sort of. … He has them convinced to be patient.”

…i almost don’t want to be a Rangers fan anymore after reading that quote.

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