Rangers Won’t Trade for Richards

richardsElliotte Friedman at CBC Sports says the Rangers commitment to youth most likely means they won’t be making a trade for Dallas Stars center Brad Richards this season, however, they still may sign him in the offseason…

“A few years ago, Jaromir Jagr really wanted Martin Rucinsky in New York. The Blues asked for Brandon Dubinsky in return, and the Rangers said no. It was time to hold on to their best young players, and to their credit, they’ve done that. Barring a change in strategy, if Richards goes to NYC, I think it’ll be by free agency, and not a trade – unless they can sign him first.”

The 30-year-old Richards has 11g, 17a on the season and is making $7.8 million this season.

…unless the Rangers can dump more salary they probably can’t sign Richards either. Especially with Redden’s salary coming back on the books during the offseason.

…man, could you imagine if Sather would have pulled the trigger on a Dubinsky for Rucinsky trade? Oooof, that would have been a bad one.

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