Ranger Fans Not the Only Ones Sticking Up for Avery

TSN has the first quotes from Oiler’s defenseman Ladislav Smid since suffering a concussion after Sean Avery punched him in the face…

“I asked him if he wanted to go, he said ‘Next shift’, so I kind of half-turned and then he went after me,” Smid said on Friday. “A little bit of a cheap play but I should be smarter than that. I should expect that, especially maybe from him.”

…i initially came out against Avery calling this a cheap shot. But upon further review, Smid had plenty of time to throw off his gloves before Avery jacked him in the mug meaning no cheap shot.

TSN also had reaction from Vancouver Canucks player Alexandre Burrows on the incident…

“I didn’t mind it,” Burrows said. “I don’t really like Ladislav either so I thought it was pretty good thing that somebody gives it to him.”

…first time I’ve ever seen someone come to Avery’s defense.

…h/t to reader Paul for the link.

Here’s video of the event…

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