Meeting Leetch a Thrill for Del Zotto

delzottoSarah Turcotte at ESPN the Magazine was recently able to interview Michael Del Zotto on the Heritage Week celebration and the young defenseman said this about his biggest highlight of the week…

“Meeting Brian Leetch was the biggest thrill for me personally. I’ve met Adam Graves because he’s so involved in the community and stuff, [Mark] Messier is part of the team, which is pretty cool, he’s a legend in this city. But Leetch was really something. It might just be because he plays my same position. The way he moved the puck, that’s what a player like me strives for. I remember being young and watching him. I remember him as a Ranger, but he was with the Leafs for a bit (my hometown team) and I was always enamored by him when he played there.”

…why did MDZ have to bring up Leetch on the Leafs? Ugh. Man I hate Sather.

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