Media Hates Avery Write-In Campaign While Fans Love It

Update, 11:43 a.m.:
Ok, I know there’s been a lot of confusion with the per day limit with All Star voting. I just received a tweet from the NHL stating that there is a per day limit of 30 votes per person. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Original Post:
Scotty Hockey sent along this tweet last night regarding a San Jose Shark announcer enraged with how many All Star votes Sean Avery’s received so far…

Drew Remenda on the Sharks broadcast was just shocked and outraged that Sean Avery has more All Star votes than Joe Thornton. @TheNYRBlogless than a minute ago via web

Even our own Rangers beat writer Steve Zipay at Newsday said this about the write-in campaign during his live web chat yesterday…

“It’s a joke. With all due respect, fan balloting has its flaws. Maybe Gaborik hasn’t played enough games to be considered but other forwards are far more worthy. The NHL makes the rules, not me….”

…wow a joke? You know what’s a joke Zipay saying that Crosby didn’t slew foot Callahan.

However, Rangers fans have rallied behind the Avery All Star write-in campaign including TheNYRBlog reader Linda who sent me this story about the Blueshirts super pest last year when the Rangers were down in Tampa…

“I finally had my time with Sean, he was so nice. He signed one of my photographs that I had taken. After that we took a photograph together and then we made small talk about where I was from and living in Florida . I then asked him would he sign my Dallas Stars, Sean Avery jersey. I explained how I had ordered it before he was suspended from the league and never got to wear it. I told him he owed it to me, he laughed out loud and then said no way would he sign it. Again I told him he owed it to me and then he asked me what I planned on doing with it. I told him I would treasure it forever. His reply was “give me a sharpie.”

I told him it would be even more priceless if he wrote “sloppy seconds” on it. I got the best look from him and then he took the marker and crossed out the Dallas logo and signed his name in the center of the star. I thanked him for everything, wished him the best of luck and then said I need one more favor. If you know me I am the kind of girl that wants her cake and gets to eat it too. So I told him I would be in the XO Club (XO Club is at ice level where the visiting team walks through to get to the bench) for the game and that if he remembered me would he give me his game used stick at the end of the third period. His reply was, “we will see.”

Now fast forward to third period, Lightning just put a can of whip ass on the Rangers and I am thinking even if Sean remembers me I don’t think he is going to be in the mood. I stand over where the players walk in and I am waiting till Sean sees me. Low and behold he looks at me and handed me his hockey stick. I thanked him and he gave me a smile and off he went.

Regardless of what people say about him or think about him, Sean Avery is a nice guy, he is not perfect and by no means is he politically correct but that does not make him a bad guy. I would rather be around 100 Sean Avery’s than one politically correct, commissioner ass kissing, snot nose cry baby.”


To vote for Avery you can either go to or text “Sean Avery” to 81812.

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