Lundqvist Not A Franchise Goaltender?

lundqvist2Ryan Dixon at The Hockey News feels that the franchise goaltender has gone by the way side and doesn’t see one in the mold of Dominick Hasak, Patrick Roy or Marty Brodeaur (younger version) playing today…

“Steve Mason looked like the sure thing two years ago, now he’s trying to put the pieces back together in Columbus; Kiprusoff can’t always be counted on in Calgary; Henrik Lundqvist has had some clunkers in New York – the list goes on.”

…this is a real interesting argument. To me Lundqvist epitomizes “Franchise Goaltender.” He is one of the, if not the, main reason the Rangers have even sniffed the playoffs since the lockout. He gives the Rangers a chance to win every night no matter who’s in the lineup.

…now on the other side of the argument, he hasn’t yet put the team on his back during the playoffs. And until he can do that there will always be questions from those who don’t see him night in and night out whether he should have that label.


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