Huge Plug for Avery Write-in Campaign

Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy (by far the best hockey blog on the web) gives the Sean Avery All Star write-in campaign a huge boost in his “Election Guide to 2011 NHL All-Star Game Write-In Campaigns”…


Sean Avery, New York Rangers

The Candidate: Taunter of Devils, puncher of Smids, fashion icon and quite simply the most effective pest in the NHL today. He also has nine points in 18 games, and true to form the Rangers are 3-2-1 when he scores.

The Campaign: New York Rangers blogs are joining forces to spark this effort. Kevin Delury of NY Rangers Blog writes that “with Gary Bettman continuing to ruin the great game of hockey, what better way to get back at him than getting Sean Avery in the starting lineup at the All Star game.” The Rangers Tribune is also part of the effort.

Chances of Election: Possible. Electing Avery to the All-Star Game is like inviting two girls to the same party just to see if there’s a catfight. He’s the turd in the NHL’s punch bowl. Rangers fans are a formidable fan base, and this is an effort that could attract others for its anarchistic appeal.

…i love Dubinsky and Callahan and they are much more deserving of a write-in campaign but as I’ve said this is more an NHL protest vote. Plus do you think a Dubi or Cally campaign would get this type of publicity?

TheNYRBlog reader True Blue Mike offers a top five reasons to write-in Avery…

– When he is on his game, he has Jagr like skills along the boards protecting the puck.
– At an Allstar game when everyone is just trying to have fun, Avery would turn it into a highly competitive game with his unethical remarks and stupid plays which would aggravate the other players.
– He has won games by himself (ie NY Rangers V Dallas Stars)
– He is a New York Ranger and the more players we have representing us the better.
– And the number 1 reason why… We get to see Gary Bettman cry. ( That rhymed)

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