Happy Vote for Avery Day!!!!

OK boys and girls “Vote for Avery Day” is finally here, so I need each and every one of you to vote for Sean Avery at least 100 times today to get him in the All Star Game.

With Avery 125,000 votes behind Steve Stamkos for the third and final spot, today’s event is neccesary for getting him in. So please get your 100+ votes in then start spreading the word to family, friends and co-workers via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail.

As I said yesterday, we’ll probably need 1,250 Rangers fans voting for Avery 100+ times to make a dent into the hole we’re in.

“Vote for Avery Day” got off to a great start yesterday as Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy dedicated a five minute segment on today’s event which you can listen to here (5:58 mark).

No one said this would be easy, heck even Avery has his doubts as he responded to Andrew Gross of Ranger Rants question about getting into the All Star Game with this…

“It’s not going to happen.”

So I say let’s prove Avery wrong and get him in the game.

I’ll be tweeting and facebooking all day reminding you all to vote.

To all of you using the Droid text bombing apps, from what I’ve been told you have to limit the texts to 100 an hour for it to work. I think most of you overloaded the apps last week leading to most of your texts not being sent.

As always, I thank all of you for your ridiculously amazing effort to get out the vote for Avery so far. I never would have thought this campaign could be this successful. Now let’s take it to the next level.

To vote for Avery you can go to NHL.com or text “Avery” to 81812. Message and data rates may apply for text messages.

Also don’t foget to “Like” the official “Vote for Sean Avery” facebook page.

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