Christensen Throws Avery Under The Bus (Updated)

christensenUpdate, 12:35 p.m.:
Jesse Spector tweets that Christensen says his comments on Avery were handled internally, and he considers issue closed.

Original Post:
Larry Brooks at the New York Post has this quote from Eric Christensen on Sean Avery’s punch yesterday…

Blueshirts center Erik Christensen told Edmonton TV it looked as if Avery “sucker-punched” Smid. “It looked to me like he suckered him; I’m not going to deny it,” Christensen then told The Post. “I mean, everyone could see.”

…i have been very critical of Avery’s actions yesterday, but under no circumstances do you ever, ever throw a teammate under the bus like that.

…i hope there are some repercussions coming to Christensen from the organization. Disgraceful.

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