Biron Reacts To Heavy Workload

biron2Steve Zipay at Blue Notes spoke with Marty Biron about the heavy workload he’s gotten this season…

“when Hank was sick I got a chance to play a couple more games than I was scheduled to, and they were good games and you start to feel really good about yourself. The key for me this year is how I put in the work during practice… I felt pretty good entering that (Minnesota) game. Right now we’re trying to get something going. It’s everybody’s job to get the work done, doesn’t matter whether you’re a first line guy or a fourth line guy. A lot of guys have responded.”

On his relationship with Lundqvist…

“I’ve had nothing but a great relationship and partnership with Hank from the first day that he was here,” said Biron. “We hit it off right away. This is only going to make both of us to be better, stronger. We’re going to need everybody pulling their weight to go in the direction we want to, sometimes things like that are going to happen.”

…while I’d still rather see Lundqvist back in there tonight, I guess having a backup that pushes the starter is a great problem to have. Now we just have to hope Hank responds.

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