Big Commitment for Avery As All Star Voting Ends Jan. 3

Just wanted to give all of you an idea of how much of a commitment it is going to take to get Sean Avery on the All Star team. All Star balloting ends on January 3rd. That means another month and a half of voting our favorite agitator in.

One thing with a write-in campaign is you can’t take a day off. Hockey fans across North America are voting every day for players like Crosby and Ovechkin, so we need to combat that with a 100% commitment towards our goal.

The official “Vote for Sean Avery” Facebook page is already over 400 “Likes” so pass the word on for that and the leader board for voting will be released next week giving us a good idea of where we stand.

Thanks again, for everyone’s hard work and dedication.

To vote for Avery go to or text Sean Avery to 81812.

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