Avery in Top 20 for All Star Balloting!!!

Update, 3:51 p.m.:
Adam Kimelman at NHL.com tells us that the main reason for Avery’s success is text voting. Avery has received the second most amout of text votes.

…wow, hope you guys have good text plans. That could get expensive

Update, 3:25 p.m.:
Pierre LeBrun at ESPN.com says that Avery having the second highest amount of write-in votes shows how much of a joke NHL All Star balloting is.

…love the Avery hating. Too bad he has no idea the reasoning behind the write-in campaign.

Original Post:
The NHL released their All Star balloting numbers today and our own Sean Avery has found his way into the Top 20 as he jumped ahead of players such as Patrick Sharp and Alex Semin.

Avery also has the most votes for any Rangers player with 64,450. Marc Staal is second with 64,079 votes.

Now this all might sound great, but the problem is Avery is now 130,000 votes behind the third and final All Star spot. So we’ve got to keep this going.

I plan on doing a “Vote for Avery Day” on December 16th where I’ll be asking everyone to vote for our favorite pest at least 100 times to make up that big gap.

Again, I want to thank everyone for voting and spreading the word. The results are unreal and have far exceeded my expectations. I wonder if Bettman is sweating a little bit.

The one thing that bothers me is that the beat writers and the Rangers have yet to jump on. If you go to the Rangers website they’re still only promoting Gaborik, Lundqvist and Staal. You have to wonder why they’re not getting behind one of their own players.

To vote for Avery you can either go to NHL.com or text “Sean Avery” to 81812.

Also don’t foget to “Like” the official “Vote for Sean Avery” facebook page.

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