Avery #23 Forward in All Star Voting

averyruletshirtThe NHL released it’s All Star balloting after two weeks and Sean Avery has moved up four spots to #23 with 38,551 votes.

He has gone ahead of Marian Gaborik giving him the most votes for a Rangers foward. He has also jumped ahead of players such as Daniel Sedin and Joe Thornton.

The results were posted at 5:56 p.m. last night meaning not all of the 25 votes I was asking everyone for are in the tally so Avery’s number is probably a lot higher.

However, Avery is still way off the pace as Sidney Crosby leads all vote getters with 218,791. Jonathan Toews has the third and final spot with 139,570. Meaning Avery is going to have to make up 100,00 votes by January 3rd to get into the All Star game. Still, having Avery in the top 25 is pretty impressive.

I don’t plan on giving up either, as I’m thinking about a “Vote for Avery Day” on December 16th to try and make up that 100,000 vote deficit.

As always, I want to thank everyone for voting and spreading the word. Let’s keep this going and put a big scare into Gary Bettman.

To vote for Avery you can either go to NHL.com or text “Sean Avery” to 81812.

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